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CST Electronics is a leading distributor of components to the electronic design and manufacturing industry in South Africa, and is a member of the Electrocomp Holdings Group. Stockists and Distributors for active, passive, electro mechanical and associated products, we cover the entire geographical market place of Southern Africa.


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Power supply design made easy

Maxim's power supply experts have designed and built a series of isolated, industrial power-supply reference designs. Each of these power supplies efficiently converts 24V into useful voltage rails at a variety of power levels. Every power rail is isolated with a readily available transformer from multiple, global vendors, providing for quick, convenient transformer selection. Each design has been tested for load and line regulation, as well as efficiency and transient performance. As with all Maxim reference designs, the BOM, schematics, layout files, and Gerber files are all available. In addition, boards are available for purchase; most boards feature through-hole pins for immediate board placement and accelerated prototyping.


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Performance. Integrated.
System-on-Module Products

The A31-µQ7 is the first system-on-module for demanding industrial applications that brings the performance of today's tablet-processors to the industrial embedded applications: based on the well-known Allwinner A31 application processor, featuring 4 ARM Cortex-A7 cores (at up to 1.2GHz).


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K-Band based motion detector with intelligent µC decision unit. It can detect moving objects in a speed range of 0.2 km/h (0.12 mph) up to 250 km/h (155.32 mph). The detection range is from 0.3m (1ft) up to 50m (162.5ft) (depending on RCS of moving object). The sensor provides 3 programmable output pins that offers a wide area of individual configurations, to be sure that the sensor fits to your individual requirements. The programming can be easily done by an GUI, that is available under


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